What is Counselling?

"What exactly is counselling?"

Counselling is a voluntary and confidential agreement between you and the counsellor. It provides you with a place in which you can explore issues freely, without blame or judgement.

It can sometimes take courage because dealing with the things in life that are causing you concern isn't always easy.

The emotional and verbal processing of feelings that takes place during counselling can lead to change and growth through a new sense of self understanding.

Pam talking to client

It is about facilitating growth and positive change in a way which works best for you, the client.


"How can counselling help me?".

  We are all unique and we all have our own reasons for seeking a counsellor.  I believe that talking really can help our minds to explore those issues which stop life being how we'd like it to be.

Counselling can help by giving us a greater understanding of ourselves and feel more in control of our own lives.

This can lead to clearer thought patterns emerging about what we enjoy, what motivates us and why, which can all lead to an increase in our self confidence and esteem and, ultimately, how much we enjoy life.  
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Research has shown time and time again that it is the quality of the working relationship between client and counsellor that determines how effective counselling can be. So if you are thinking about having counselling, please pick up the 'phone or email me in complete confidence - and take that first step today.




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