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Thyme, derived from the Greek word 'thumus' signifying courage and energy


Welcome to Pam’s web site for THYME™.

THYME is a combination of therapeutic services, all of which are offered  to enable you to make positive choices and changes in your life…….


Have you been feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed? Maybe you "just know" life could be better? 
If you've been wondering why life isn't quite the way you'd like it to be, then talking to a counsellor can be a really helpful way to bring about change in your life. It's not always easy to reach out for help - it takes courage and can feel scary - I understand this. It can, however, be the first step towards making the changes you’re looking for.


My aim is to help you feel at ease so that you can start to make positive changes through greater self understanding and self belief.

I am trained in various ways so I am able to tailor my approach to your needs and offer you a combination of approaches including Counselling; Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Hypnotherapy. I offer you the chance to talk freely, to help you make sense of why you feel the way you do.

I invite you to get in touch with me for an initial chat. Counselling is a confidential and non judgemental approach to help you work out what would make life feel better for you. 




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  Supervision & Consultancy

If you're looking for a Supervisor, I would be happy to discuss your Supervision requirements.

Our Supervision work is essential for our own well being as well as to our work as therapists. I am happy to offer you an initial 1 hour session, to help us both decide if we'd like to work together. This initial session is also an opportunity for us to find out more about each other in relation to our working experiences and availability. I invite you to ask me whatever you feel is helpful to you, as part of your decision making process.

I work collaboratively and strive to offer you support and encouragement to be the best you can be with your clients. I'm as curious about the things that go well in your work as I am about the dilemmas and difficulties which can occur. This is because I believe that Supervision needs to be a positive part of our work and not just a focus on the things we can do better.

I also offer Pastoral Supervision to those professionals who work in environments where emotional support is offered to others. This incorporates people working in the voluntary sector, education, medical and alternative practitioners. If you think you would benefit from greater clarity of thought and less stress and anxiety about work, then I’d be happy to talk to you further about this in confidence.



  Training and Workshops – These are offered upon request or when I feel I have something to share with other Professionals which may benefit their Professional Practice or their Personal Wellbeing. I have come to learn over more than a decade of working in Private Practice that whilst I continue to learn, I also have knowledge to share. If you would like a half or full day workshop on a specific subject I would be pleased to discuss this with you to determine how I can help.


Pam Hall (née Hourihan).


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